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A platform for reducing carbon footprint and earning rewards

Founded in 2021, CarbonShare is a platform that encourages users to measure and track their own carbon footprint, offer products and services that are environment friendly and can help in reducing their carbon footprint. That's not enough because CarbonShare also provide a medium to get rewarded by sharing or trading carbon points generated from the carbon footprint reduction efforts.

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How we enable carbon sharing

We work to ensure the community and local leaders have the knowledge, resources and opportunities to make a real change in society. We see our services as collective efforts and tools for connecting and building a stronger Carbon Sharing platform.



Know where you stand

Everyone is talking about it but do you really know your own carbon emission on a daily basis? Our diet, our travel, our entertainment, all are capable of generating high levels of Co2 if kept unchecked. Measure and track your footprint daily!


Invest in Eco-products

Now that you know how reckless our activities can be, dont just think but also start taking actions for carbon reduction. Take that bicycle instead of the scooter, take a carpool instead of driving alone. Explore a plethora of services you can use to reduce your footprint.


Trade your carbon points

Investing in all eco-products or services rewards with carbon points for your efforts. Share or Trade your accumulated carbon points in the community for real value. You took care of our planet by reducing your footprint, now let us take care of you.

The Platform is in development and will be live soon in 2022. Drop in your contact to stay updated with us!

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